Class Overview

The Toddler Rooms at Kidz World create a fun and nurturing environment for your children. We meet the needs of the children by using positive language, speaking on their level, and providing activities that promote learning and exploration. We encourage a sense of community and group as well as individual time.

Age Group
18-36 Months
Class Size
11 Children

Nap Time

Each child will have their labeled cot for nap. We ask that you bring a blanket for your child and you may bring a small pillow or stuffed animal for a comfort item as well. We ask that you bring them home at the end of the week to be washed.

Bathroom Time

Bathroom time occurs every two hours, unless otherwise needed. Potty training is discussed at enrollment.

Toddler Necessities

We ask that you bring the following on your first day: diapers or pull-ups, diaper ointment, sun block, extra clothes (appropriate for the weather), outside shoes and a blanket.

Special Activities

The children participate in activities daily. The activities include circle time, art, songs, story time, cooking, science and large motor/outside time. We provide a weekly lesson planĀ on our toddler news board of the activities we are doing and one is also sent home every week. (Activities are subject to change in accordance to weather.) The children in Toddler Room enjoy short walks outside from time to time when the weather permits.

The Toddler room has a wide range of age-appropriate toys. We provided manipulative, small blocks, lacing toys, puzzles and many activities for small-motor development. We provide a quiet area with books, dolls and stuffed animals. We provide a large assortment of musical toys and other age- appropriate toys for development. Kidz World has a gym space which we use for large- motor development. This room contains, balls, a jumper, tunnels and much more. A large playground is available outside, weather permitting.

Parents will be notified if frequent time-outs are needed. (Individual behavior plans will be developed for children who have persistent behavior problems. This will be decided among parents, teachers and the Center director.)