Class Overview

Project -based curriculum that supports the development of the whole child and prepares children for Preschool.

Daily activities consist of a table activity and learning centers, with children being free to move from one to another at their own pace. Table activities include arts and crafts, cooking and science experiments. Learning centers include manipulative math, creative movement, science, computer, blocks, dramatic play and sensory.

Age Group
3 Years
Class Size
12 Children

Science and Technology

As children explore the classroom and outdoor environments, they learn about science and technology and the role each plays in our lives. The focus is on developing an understanding of:

  • Sensory activities
  • Exploring our environment (the five senses)
  • Exploring our earth (weather, plants and animals)

Language and Literacy

The literacy-rich environment at Kidz World begins with phonemic awareness—understanding that words are made up of sounds. With this awareness, your child will have the foundation for early reading success, as well as the skills to succeed in higher levels of reading. The key objectives are:

  • Learning sounds in words, rhyming and blending
  • Understanding the relationship between letters and sounds (early phonics)
  • Listening to books, retelling stories and identifying sight words
  • Drawing and using what they are learning about sounds and letters to convey meaning
  • Practice writing letters


Problem-solving within a literary context and an understanding of numbers and operations are at the core of the math program. Children learn to differentiate mathematical attributes such as more, less, long, short, etc. They use multiple tools to solve problems in meaningful ways using manipulatives, simple graphs, pictures, drawings and storytelling. Core math objectives include a basic understanding of:

  • Numbers and one-to-one correspondence
  • Mathematical operations
  • Patterns and functions (basic shapes, colors and classifications)
  • Sorting and lacing
  • Practice writing numbers

Social Studies

Children develop a basic understanding of themselves and their place within their families, communities and the world. The program provides lessons in meaningful contexts such as:

  • Holidays and cultural differences in celebrations
  • Foreign languages
  • Knowledge of community helpers and concepts of family relationships