Class Overview

The Pre-Kindergarten children take full advantage of the variety of material available to them. The classroom is divided into activity centers: art area, book corner, dramatic play, manipulatives and circle time space. Materials are ever-changing in each activity center to generate continuing interest. The theme for the dramatic play area changes frequently, too. We love offering children a great classroom environment to learn, grow and explore.

Age Group
4 and 5 Years
Class Size
12 Children

At this age, the children will be exposed to pre-reading, math, science and writing skills.  Our math program includes the use of manipulatives, such as rods, counters, scales and patterning blocks. Circle time is different each day, yet we always take part in calendar activities, discuss the seasons, show and tell, and stories.  Our science program is a combination of planned topics, hands-on activities and cooking projects. The children’s natural curiosity and interests dictate part of the curriculum. Organized games take place not only to develop skills like classification and letter recognition, but also such social skills as taking turns, sharing and positive competition.


A typical day for the Pre-Kindergartners includes the following activities:

  • Developmental Learning Centers —With a teacher’s guidance, we help a child learn to make independent choices and thereby gain self-confidence. Each child learns to use materials appropriately within a structured setting.
  • Arts and Crafts are included in the daily activities to encourage the expression of each child’s natural creativity.
  • Music and Story Reading periods provide an environment rich in language. Songs and stories are chosen which reinforce the weekly theme.
  • Outdoor Play is offered twice daily, allowing children to run and play.
  • Rest Time—Each child is assigned a cot to rest on within their classroom. Parents are asked to bring in a light blanket.


Project -based curriculum that supports the development of the whole child and prepares children for kindergarten.

Our prekindergarten (pre-K) curriculum is focused on the constructivist approach, which provides diverse learning environments where activities are driven by the students, and teachers encourage and support children to play and explore as a path to learning.

Our pre-K curriculum focuses on all areas that are important for school success:

  • Social-emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Social Studies
  • Science and Technology
  • The Arts